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Myers Vitamin Infusions in Loveland, CO

Mallory Family Wellness offers Myers Vitamin Infusions for the residents of Loveland, Fort Collins, and the surrounding Northern Colorado communities.

What Are Myers Vitamin Infusions?

Also called a Myers Cocktail, this refers to an IV drip with a special blend of vitamins and minerals that’s specialized for your medical condition. Injecting the vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream helps your body absorb these beneficial substances more quickly and thoroughly with minimal side effects.

By receiving the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, you may experience the following:

  • Feel more energetic
  • Suffer less allergies, nasal congestion, and skin conditions
  • Have less migraines, stress, anxiety, or depression
  • Have more balanced hormones
  • Gain relief from chronic pain
  • Improve muscle recovery and endurance while reducing spasms and pain after a workout

Nearly anyone can benefit from this therapy, especially athletes, individuals who want optimal health, and anyone under stress.

A Myers Vitamin Infusion takes only half an hour, and sessions may be scheduled at two-week intervals.

Your Myers Vitamin Infusion is customized for your particular condition and needs. Dr. Mallory’s staff will be happy to discuss Myers Vitamin Infusion prices with you on an individual basis.

Mallory Family Wellness works with CareCredit® to provide financing options for patients. Within a few hours, you can be pre-approved for your infusion.

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At Mallory Family Wellness, you are our priority. With advanced training in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, we don’t just treat the symptoms. We treat the whole person to address the root of the problem. And we’ll work with you so you can prevent illness and remain healthy.

See for yourself why families from Loveland, Fort Collins, and the surrounding Northern Colorado communities, as well as Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa, come to us. You can count on us to provide optimal care for your optimal health!

Written by Mallory Family Wellness September 29, 2013