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At Mallory Family Wellness we offer family medicine, osteopathic manipulation, regenerative medicine, and hormone replacement therapy in our Loveland office.  We focus on wellness and prevention as well as problem-focused care by combining traditional family medicine with cutting edge therapies including PRP and Stem Cell Therapy.

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Sports Medicine

″Dr. Mallory has been the most caring and knowledgeable doctor. I have had the privilege of working with. My medical condition and list of strange symptoms have not only turned my life upside down, but had also left me feeling alone and frightened because no other doctor could figure out what was going on or would take the time to delve into it and then there was Dr. Mallory. He cared enough to listen…″ 


Chris G.

"I had a chronic inflammatory condition that dozens of doctors were baffled by, and I had every test known to man run on me. I was resigned to live my life in 24/7 pain, as no one could diagnose me properly. This went on for three full years, mind you. It was a great day when I found Doc Mallory – he immediately knew what was wrong and gave me the proper treatments to cure my condition. He truly gave me my life back, and I’ll be forever grateful. He even saw me before his Loveland office was completely set up – taking notes by hand, etc. Just an amazing, caring doctor and an equally amazing staff. I recommend Doc Mallory to everyone I possibly can! There’s no better family practice doctor/osteopath in the entire country, as far as I’m concerned.″




″Dr. Mallory found exactly what had been ailing me for the last 3 years after I had a Lower Back Fusion. His prolotherapy is superb, and he knows exactly what he is doing and does other work to see if your body is working to its utmost capacity, and I have to say that Dr. Mallory’s staff is outstanding and very caring to all of your needs. Dr. Mallory’s clinic is also updated with the latest technology so that you do not have to waste time waiting for prescriptions. Please let everyone know that this doctor actually cares about you as a patient and everyone in his office goes that extra mile to help you with all your pain needs. I have been to the top pain doctors in Northern Colorado and only Dr. Mallory found exactly what was ailing me within the first visit. Kudos to Dr. Mallory and his outstanding staff! Thanks Again.″ 


Ed R.


″Dear Dr. Mallory and Lindsay Fry, I want to thank you for healing the chronic tendonitis in my elbow! I still can’t believe that I am pain free after 8 months of suffering. When I came to see you, I could not pick up a 2 lb. weight without severe pain. I was wearing an arm brace, had been through multiple treatments of cortisone injections, acupuncture, massage therapy, ultra sound, electrical stimulation and lots of ice/Advil/rest. Needless to say, none of the other treatments worked, and I was a little skeptical about phototherapy. You told me that it might only take one to two injections to be better, and you were right. It only took one treatment, and six weeks later I had significantly less pain and eight weeks later I was easing back into the gym and looking forward to water skiing this summer. I am now a believer and recommend your treatment options to others. I was equally impressed with your staff and am grateful you were there when I needed you.″ 

 Dan M.


″I had severe pain from a herniated disc 5 years ago. I did get some relief from 6 epidermal injections; however, the cortisone destroyed my adrenal glands and left me with radiculopathy in my right leg. I had leg pain 24/7. Along with the shut-down adrenal glands and my leg pain, I became sleep deprived. I went to many chiropractors, tried decompression, acupuncture and any treatment that promised pain relief. I heard a radio show that was talking about Prolotherapy and started hunting for a doctor in my area. That is how I found Mallory Osteopathic. I made an appointment with Dr. Mallory and he diagnosed my condition and told me that I should start with cold laser and see if that helped, if not we would try Prolotherapy. Well, after the suggested treatment plan, I am 95 percent pain fee. If you are suffering from pain – see Dr. Mallory FIRST.″ 


Kathy P.

″I had heard Doc Mallory talking about his Myers vitamin infusions and thought I would give it a try. I am a gastric bypass patient, and I have a hard time getting all the vitamins and minerals I need on a daily basis. I made the trip to Loveland to give it a try. I was so impressed by the infusion and the clinic that any trip I make to Colorado; I plan on stopping and getting another infusion. The staff was so helpful and pleasant. I cannot tell you how much of a difference the infusion has made for me. This is a must if you are in need of a daily vitamin regimen, and you just can’t seem to fit all those vitamins in to your schedule. Thanks Doc, Myers is a perfect solution to my vitamin problems.″


Kelley B.

“Mallory Family Wellness has made a huge difference in my life, as well as my families. I have referred several people here and my mother and husband both come here now. Shari is such a wonderful P.A. and her extensive knowledge of thyroid disorders have been key to getting me back to feeling like myself again. I don’t know how you can ever thank someone for that wonderful gift. She has given me my life back! So, thank you Shari!”

Karen S.